MENU summer 2021


Nacho Stack  (GF)  / 19.5  (Vegan) / 22

Layered corn chips with chili bean and mushroom mix, loads of tasty cheese, lettuce, sour cream & fresh house made Mexican salsa


Deluxe Duke Burger    (vegan)  /1*27  /2*29

Big sourdough bun, smashed avo, spinach, spicy falafel patty, fresh tomato, roasted Portobello, crumbed onion rings & smoky tomato relish.

1*served with seasoned chips and sauce 

2*served with kumara wedges and aioli


Classic Feast Burger   /1*23  /2*25

Big sourdough bun, smashed avo, spinach, fresh tomato, tasty cheese, fried egg, crumbed onion rings & house made aioli

1*served with seasoned chips and sauce 

2*served with kumara wedges and aioli


Rustic Rosti  (GF)   / 23

Beautiful potato & herb rosti on a whip of red pepper hummus, grilled seasoned portobello’s, roasted beetroot, dukkha & feta crumbs

(suitable for vegans without feta)



Shiitake Dumpling Soup  (GF Vegan)  / 24.5

Two-tone dumplings in a spiced chili & soy broth, leafy greens, fried tofu, lotus root & shiitake mushroom


Buddha Bowl   (GF Vegan) / 18

A vibrant selection of fresh local seasonal produce, topped with avocado, red pepper hummus, sprouts & seeds dressed with our house made miso & ginger


Pasta   / 23

Ask your server for today’s pasta of the moment. Soul food goodness, hits the spot every time – served with grilled bread


Thai Salad  / 19

Mixed slaw, peanuts, fried tofu, coconut bits, fresh aromatic herbs, wonton prawns, tossed with our house made chili herb dressing


Cauli & Avo Salad  (GF Vegan) / 16

Seasoned spiced chickpeas, crunchy cauliflower & avocado wrapped in a date and mustard dressing served on a bed of greens


Bali Fries   / 15

Chili seasoned chips, a pouring of tasty cheese sauce, smashed avo & our classic fresh salsa



We note that people find our portion size generous and often want to take what’s left over home, we say hoorah take it home. We work really hard to do our bit to reduce waste; if you wish to take your goodies away we do have a charge of .50c for the packaging.
Or keep a handy reusable container in your bag.



Edamame pods – chili & garlic   (GF Vegan) / 8.5


Crumbed onion rings with aioli   / 8


Jalapeno pops with hot mayo      / 8.5


Corn chips with guac and salsa   (GF Vegan)   / 11


Bao buns (4) (Vegan) -Choice of one flavour- / 14 

Classic with fried tofu, chili soy lotus root & hoisin sauce   

Beetroot with fried tofu, turmeric marinated cucumber & hoisin sauce


Prawns  - coconut crumbed with hot mayo      / 12


Coated cauliflower with herb & chili dressing   (GF Vegan)    /13


Level One Bruschetta  - house made tapenade with cherry toms on ciabatta    /13


Deli plate – olives, feta, sundried tomato, artichoke and gherkin, served with grilled flat bread  /15 / GF 18


Rustic Chips   sml / 9  lrg / 12

served with tomato sauce.  extra sauce .50


Kumara Wedges   sml / 9  lrg / 12

served with sour cream sauce.  extra sour cream .70



Classic  ‘9 inch’

Margherita - cheese, tomato & basil / 12

Classic Sicilian – olives, mushroom & red onion  / 13


Gourmet  ’12 inch’

Cauliflower base – creamy sauce, tasty cheese, blue cheese, pear, red onion,

mizuna salad & basil pesto   / 25

Beetroot base – creamy sauce, tasty cheese, roasted beet, feta, red onion, fresh asparagus, mizuna salad & balsamic reduction    / 25




Mediterranean - olives, sundried tomatoes, leafy greens & feta, with a basil pesto   /12

Kiwi - roast beetroot, feta, leafy greens, red onion with a balsamic reduction    /12

Italian – grilled halloumi, marinated shrooms, grilled red pepper, leafy greens, olive oil  /12



Leafy greens, garlic oil & red onion   / 7

Just Olives     / 6

Grilled flat bread    / 5  GF / 7