Medieval Banquet / Midwinter Christmas Party 26 June 2021

Medieval Banquet / Midwinter Christmas Party 26 June 2021

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Ye olde Level One will be closed this 26th day of June to the general public. For on this Saturday eve we are to host a medieval banquet for all the noble Ladies & Lords of New Brighton.

+ a banquet served to guests upon their gathering spaces. lavish boards filled with meat off the bones, rustic and warm dishes to feed the belly & heal the soul 

+ gluten free/ vegan options can be arranged in advance to suit dietary/ lifestyle requirements

+ sweets to finish / dessert boards

+ medieval/ renaissance dress up party. ready your raiment, it's not a renaissance party without the right clothing

+ mulled wine upon your arrival

+ festive, upbeat live music from the likes of our favourite Irish tunes. acoustic trio with guitar, violin/ fiddle and drum, providing medieval tunes & minstrelling table to table 

Feast and be merry with us, basse danse with your intended or Carole dance as a group.

A fine of $60 will be incurred by all attending which includes all aforementioned. R18 gathering / Plus chances to win best dressed prize!